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 Burn CD Without Using Nero

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PostSubject: Burn CD Without Using Nero   22nd February 2010, 11:41 pm

Today's entry is about how to burn or create your own
favourite playlist CD just using your own PC without using Nero and
other software.
Here is the some example for you to start creating your own CD just in a
minutes! without wasting your time installing Nero or any others

Check this out!

Ok let us start now step by step:

1. Create a new playlist folder

2. Insert your Blank CD
3. Copy all the playlist file inside
4. Sent to E (CD Drive)
5. Explore that CD Drive
6. (Pop up will appear asking you to write your CD name) click on that
to write or explore your CD Drive
7. Choose the options (CD Audio player that can use in Cars or only in
8. Finished!! The WMP will appear as you finished your work! and just
follow the instructions.

As easy as 1234! just in a minutes to create your favourite CD playlist.

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Burn CD Without Using Nero
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